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*Local residents, first time clients, by appointment only.

  • Select Ideal Weight Loss Center as the delivery address

  • Provide credit/debit card information for payment of $25/week

  • Complete sign-up process by Friday at 5pm to be included in our following week’s delivery on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings.

  • Do you love local eggs?  Sign up for our weekly Egg Share by emailing Michelle@SouthShoreOrganics.com.  Dozen $4.90, ½ dozen $3.00

  • Pickup  your weekly delivery at Ideal Weight Loss Center on Tuesdays between 3:30-7:00 pm (or Wednesdays from 9:00-1:00 pm). Then, simply  cross your name off on the provided participant list clipboard.
  • Enjoy your fruits and veggies!

South Shore Organics ~ Nourish to Flourish Program

Because fresh food is vital to good health, we have come together with South Shore Organics to offer you the Nourish to Flourish program.  If you are tired of rushing through the grocery store and picking through the same old stuff, maybe it’s time for a FRESH new outlook, and one that is convenient too!  Here is what we are offering:

A weekly subscription of fresh, local in season produce from nearby farms, with the inclusion of produce from other organic farms along the East Coast Food Shed out of season

• Convenience!  A selection of 7-8 locally grown fresh fruits/vegetables (and local EGGS if you choose!)  delivered here to Ideal Weight Loss Center for pick up

• Subscriptions can be started any time and easily placed on hold if you are going away

• We won’t leave you stranded!  Recipe suggestions are part of the program each week along with a list of which farms you supported through the program

Interested? Here's how to sign up:

office hours

Tuesdays, 3-7

Wednesdays, 9-1

Fridays, 9-1 

Saturdays, 8-12

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Ideal Weight Loss Center in Pembroke

Meet Colleen Drummond, RN!

events & announcementS

Office Closed for Labor Day, Monday, September 5th.  We will reopen on Tuesday, September 6th.

Open House

Please join us Monday, September 12, 2016 from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. to learn about healthy eating, disease prevention, and leading a healthy lifestyle. We will also be sampling a few of our latest delicious products.  Feel free to bring a friend or family member too!

Colleen Drummond, RN will present “What is Healthy Eating”.

Learn about the importance of healthy food choices and how by simply eating you can obtain and keep a healthy weight.

Don’t miss Kyla Phillips, RN from Thrive With Wellness.

Are you working hard to reach your goals? If stress, emotions, hormone imbalance, poor digestion, food sensitivities, lack of energy or something else is sabotaging your efforts computerized biofeedback can help identify it and give you a plan to overcome it.

Michelle Berry from South Shore Organics will be here too!

Come down and learn more about clean and healthy eating and South Shore Organics' mission to support local farmers.

Enrollment in our program is only $25 for new customers who make an appointment at the Open House!