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Our collection of over 75 recipes includes delicious appetizers, soups, salads, snacks and main dishes that have been carefully created to go along with each Phase of our eating plan! Once you become a client you will have access to this wonderful tool!

Meal Planning and Grocery List (iOS & Android) - Enables you to create meals and import recipes from top recipes sites. • It also pulls data from popular grocery stores to let you know what’s on sale  Gives you cooking tips and other tidbits of information  

Cooking PlanIt (iOS only) - Provides recipes based on your preferences.  •   Verbal instructions so you don’t have to touch the screen while cooking  •   You can add multiple recipes to a meal and the app organizes the steps so everything finishes at the same time  •   Creates a grocery list categorized by the grocery store aisle 

Healthy Out (iOS & Android) - Finds you healthy dishes at restaurants near you.  •  Searches dishes that match your diet and nutrition preferences  •  Nutrition preferences include: low calorie, low carb, low fat, high protein, low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Zone, etc…

Healthy Dining Finder is a great web site to refer to before going out to eat! •   Find restaurants by zip code with Dietitian-Recommended choices •   Find restaurants that offer healthy kids meals •   Restaurant reviews, recipes, and much more!

Shopwell (Free iOS app) - Helps you maintain healthy diet.  •   Keeps track of your allergies and foods that you want to avoid  •   Offers ratings for the foods specific to your profile  •   Offers healthy alternatives to foods you like to eat  •   Offers to create a shopping list 

seasonal RECIPES FOR All 4 Phases!

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Meal preparation is an important part of your weight loss success. Whether you're in Phase 1 or Maintenance, we've put together some healthy recipes for you to try.